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More than a chocolite chocolite spreadable breakfast cream, chocolite a square of chocolite coffee break... When you follow a diet, you tend to deprive yourself of chocolate. Whether it's white or black, rich or chocolite in cocoa... we consider it too caloric and banned from its kitchen. Yet, one or two squares of chocolite chocolite can be chewed every day is harmful to the line! On the contrary, on the contrary, it has a lot of good things to bring and chocolite devour when we love, or when we stop a diet. Chocolite should be banned, but consumed sparingly and malice chocolite the site top-forma. it

Being on a chocolite diet means depriving oneself of good things. You can also combine chocolite and slimming, following some basic precautions. Follow our advice for the selection and tasting of this delicacy, which chocolite weigh a gram on the scale!

For the enjoyment of eating a diet, it is essential that the flavor of chocolite rich in cocoa, whatever its shape, containing at least 70% cocoa. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the more bitter, less sweet and (obviously) less chocolite is eaten! Black, white or milk, the calorie intake of different types of chocolite is almost the same, i. e. at 500 kcal per 100g. Contrary to what you might think, chocolite you need to eat that the melting chocolite can to limit damage on the scale works chocolite!

All chocolates are allowed even if the dark chocolite, the richest of cocoa, contains less fat and sugar, in addition to these two cohorts. We preferred the italy bars of chocolite tasting. We also think of pure cocoa powder, to include in the cakes, yoghurt and mix with sweetened skimmed milk with a sweetener (aspartame, stevia, etc.). On the other hand, it is wary of effecting fantasy tablets (with blown rice, in the heart of caramel....), special powder flavored with chocolite for breakfast, biscuits and desserts to the chocolite of trade... generally chocolite contain some cocoa and are packaged with fats and sugars. It gives a little bit of pleasure in crackling some squares of a classic chocolite tablet instead of devouring a cake or biscuit too much chocolate reviews. Are ten times more pleasant and satisfying, as sweets are too fat and too sweet... Chocolite is said that the simplest things are often the best?

Chocolite: The most important combination of diet and chocolite is the way you eat. It is important to take only one or two squares per day of dark, white or milky chocolite, the best cocoa-rich, when needed, for a snack or at the end of a meal. With this habit of quantity, chocolite will become a food "without forbidden" that more easily break.

Chocolite is harmful to the line, because scam has many virtues, ideal for keeping when following a plane.

Did you know that an American study conducted in 2012 showed that moderate consumption of melting chocolite coupled with good hygiene in life has contributed to reducing BMI? Executed over a thousand people aged 57 years on average showed that people who ate an average chocolate, twice a week and practiced sport 3 to 4 times a week, had a BMI lower than those who chocolite consume as often. Thus, the throat is nice to be family, with the practice of physical activity. After the effort, comes comfort: you can take a small square of melting chocolite without guilt composition!

The more chocolite is rich in cocoa (70% to 85%), the less cholesterol is important. This chocolite is dramatic if you prefer chocolate, less bitter and sweeter: in fact, they give good cholesterol (HDL) is essential for the body.

Finally, we feel better after eating chocolite when you have the morale low... Why? Because chocolite is very rich in magnesium and promotes relaxation! This rise in morale also has a lot of minerals, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper and manganese. Also generous, flavonoids and antioxidants, it is excellent for the fight against cardiovascular disease. Clearly, this is a veritable cocktail of health and well-being that inflates the morale to block, makes you stronger and gives you fishing during a diet. Thanks for the chocolate, the little amazon blows price of soft where you let go (and devours cakes and biscuits) chocolite are more a problem! To enjoy chocolite every day, without endangering a plan, Jean-Michel Cohen has developed the chocolate diet, where you can chew on a daily basis a couple of little squares of chocolate, making sure to limit the amount of foods rich in starch pharmacies at each meal. Vegetables can be eaten at will, all for 1 400 calories per day. Chocol

Choco Lite

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